The Motley Fool discusses gold & silver suppression

Posted: April 6, 2010 in Current Events, Financial Fraud, Gold, Ongoing Criminal Activity, Precious Metals, Silver

Yet another story on gold and silver suppression.  With the way this story is spreading I would be shocked if there was not a short squeeze.  It will only take large holders to demand physical delivery.  When this happens  the bullion banks will likely not be able to deliver bullion since they have 100 ounces of paper bullion to every one ounce of physical bullion.  The holder will receive a cash settlement which is default.  When the holder receives their cash settlement the scramble is on to find metal which they will not be able to find at any cost.  Large holders of bullion do not want cash they want bullion.  The game is on!!

Full Article Here

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  2. […] it is cheap.  By now you should know of the manipulation if not get caught up here, here, here, here and here.  The suppression topic is now mainstream and we are told being investigated by the […]

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