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Posted: April 8, 2010 in Financial Fraud, Gold, Ongoing Criminal Activity, Precious Metals, Silver

Now that we have seen this gold and silver manipulation story unfold let’s summarize what we know.

1. With Andrew Maguire’s testimony we know JP Morgan was able to manipulate the silver prices on 2/5/10 through naked short selling. We also know these manipulations happened on a regular basis.

2. We know based on the recent CFTC hearing that gold and silver could be levered at 100/1 meaning 100 ounces of paper bullion to 1 ounce of physical bullion.

3. Based on the recent interview on King World News we know that Lenny Organ, the son of Harvey Organ who was in the CFTC hearing, was able to enter the vault ScotiaMocatta.  ScotiaMocatta is the only bullion bank in Canada. According to Lenny the vault in ScotiaMocatta contained only 60,000 ounces of silver and gold which is worth about $100 Million.  The problem is the Royal Mint of Canada sold $1 Billion worth of gold in 2008 alone.  Many people chose to receive bullion certificates while having their bullion stored in the vault of ScotiaMocatta.  Many will be pissed in the near future when they find out their bullion is not in the vault.  On top of not having the bullion in the vault these people have been paying storage fees for bullion that does not exist.

4. In 2007 Morgan Stanley settled a class action lawsuit for selling bullion and charging storage fees to their clients, when it was discovered Morgan Stanley was never storing bullion.

5. We know that the Bear Stearns bailout was done in part to keep silver bullion prices low, now JP Morgan is handling Bear Stearns dirty work. Story Here

6. In September Hong Kong announced it will be moving all it’s bullion from London to Hong Kong. Story Here

So this is what we know.  Based on what we know where do we see bullion prices going?  How can bullion prices not go higher?  When does this all hit the fan? Will the global financial system collapse because of this massive fraud? Does the US still have it’s gold reserves in Fort Knox? Why has there not been a true audit of our countries gold reserves in 56 years?

In time we will have answers to these questions.  In the meantime buy physical bullion.

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