The manipulation story is breaking out New York Post covers the story

Posted: April 11, 2010 in Financial Fraud, Gold, Ongoing Criminal Activity, Precious Metals, Silver


This story is breaking out.  Once the mainstream media outlets begin to cover the story the pressure is on for the CFTC, they don’t want to look completely incompetent.

 New York Post Article Here

  1. […] This Is A Correction In Gold and Silver!! Posted: October 13, 2010 by yourhedge in Gold, Precious Metals, Silver, Uncategorized 0 Many are discussing when will we see a correction in silver and gold.  I am here to tell you this is the correction!!  We are seeing something extremely rare, the correction in gold and silver is not to the downside, the correction is to the upside!  Gold and particularly silver have been suppressed for 40 years and  now that scam is rapidly coming to an end.  When we look at gold and silver adjusted for inflation it is still dirt cheap.  On top of that fact, in my opinion, we are looking at a currency collapse in the near future.  Moving forward when you hear the corrupt media discuss the gold and silver bubble with the inevitable correction, remember the correction is happening!  Below is  a chart from Jesse’s Café Américain, you can see when JP Morgan closed their proprietary trading unit, the spot prices shoot higher.  Folks this isn’t rocket science, buy and be thankful you are still early in this bull market.  here, here, here, here, here […]

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