A.C. Griffith dire predictions

Posted: July 11, 2010 in Current Events, Oil Spill, World Events

A.C. Griffith was associated with the National Security Agency. He carried a top secret, cryptographic clearance. In more recent times he was associated with Central Intelligence Agency operations . He was married to a lady lawyer – judge and his father-in-law was the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Virginia

A.C. Griffith says that oil leak is unstoppable and uncontrollable , it could be leaking for another year the oil will spread as far as the shores of Europe , Obama administration is a fascist administration says A.C. Griffith they want to send swat team down to the Gulf of Mexico , this is a catastrophe of first magnitude it could be the demise of the United States as we know it…you cannot stop oil coming out of the ground , the earth bed has cracked it could cause the splitting of the line up north to the great lakes says A.C. Griffith….the Dollar will collapse by the end of this year , and there will be no United States of America 4 years from now , so Omaba is not worrying about getting re-elected says A.C. Griffith….
Former NSA technology communications analyst, A. C. Griffith.
Griffith believes that America has become a fascist state, the oil spill will be the greatest ecological disasters ever and the dollar will be history by the end of the year . A. C. Griffiths believes that the oil spill will migrate north into the Mississippi and destroy all the areas up to Tennessee or further. People will starve and die, there is no way you can feed 40 million some odd people. The oil spill will reach the beaches
in Europe too.

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