More Evidence Of BP Corexit Chemical Rain Blowing Into Fort Worth Texas

Posted: July 11, 2010 in Current Events, Oil Spill, Ongoing Criminal Activity

These six videos are from a concerned citizen.  As this oil spill continues there is more evidence the chemical Corexit which is being pumped into the Gulf  by BP is creating a toxic rain and effecting Louisiana along with surrounding states.  This is a major issue.  What happens to water supplies? What happens to crops? What happens to the rest of our food supply?  No doubt there will be many unintended consequences.  Or is it intentional?  It should be common sense if you pump millions of gallons of a toxic chemical into the Gulf it will eventually create a toxic rain and ultimately contaminate water, food and who knows what type of sicknesses Corexit will create in humans. Read this, this, this and this.  Just Google Corexit Toxicity if you want more information.

This video was taken on July 3rd, 2010 in Fort Worth, Texas, just after the first few days of rain we received here from Hurricane Alex. I just planted a lemon tree, a lime tree and a blueberry tree, so I’ve been working in the yard a bit and keeping an eye on things.

Since this rain has come through many of the plants appear to be burned or chemically damaged. I’m not trying to be an alarmist at all- I’m just attempting to be a realist here. If that hurricane Alex, which grew vigorously in the Gulf, sucked up all that Gulf moisture, including that toxic ‘Corexit crap’ that BP has been dispersing, (which evaporates into the Gulf air as well as becomes part of that SAME Gulf moisture)…just dumped some of that toxic stuff all the way up here? If it gets in our water? What are the health effects?

Man- someone better start asking these questions…from what I’ve found- this toxic crap will CERTAINLY give us cancer. We will be bathing in it and washing our dishes in it. Our kids will be spraying it on themselves while playing in the front yard this summer. We need to be aware- go out and look at your trees and plants for crying out loud! And stay out of the rain! Keep your kids out of the rain! Be safe!


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