South African metals analyst complains of silver price manipulation; Bullion Banking Explained

Posted: July 12, 2010 in Gold, Precious Metals, Silver

At this point there has been vast amounts of evidence that gold and silver prices are suppressed.  These serious accusations of fraud from high level such as Ted Butler, Adrian Douglas, and many others are not being disputed by the bullion banks, CFTC or Department of Justice.  The silence from the bullion banks such as JP Morgan and HSBC should be deafening to all.  I suggest use the obvious manipulation to your advantage to acquire as much physical gold and silver as possible. 

Bullion banks clearly are powerful so who knows when this fraud will come to an end.  It is inevitable that we will see typical drama in price like we did a week ago.  Keep your eyes on the big picture.  Those down days happen because of massive additions to naked shorts by the bullion banks not supply/demand or any other legitimate reason. 

It is interesting that this topic is becoming more main stream yet the CFTC does nothing.  Not to suprising if we took fraud out of the US financial system there would be nothing left.

South African Analyst on Silver Price Suppression

Bullion Banking Explained

Ben Davies, CEO of Hinde Capital Discusses Gold Manipulation on CNBC


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