Posted: September 1, 2010 in Gold, Precious Metals

Yesterday on Yahoo! Finance gold hit $3,401.  This was not the COMEX, this happened only on Yahoo! Finance.  Why did this happen?  Was it a simple glitch?  Who knows how or why this happened.  In a financial system full of corruption and greed could that have been a signal for those in the loop that gold is set to explode?  The only events I can think of that could cause an increase like that in one day would be Nuclear War or a Dollar Collapse.  At this point we must assume this was a glitch found only on Yahoo! Finance.  If gold explodes to $3,401 sometime in the future or if we go on a major bull run in gold where the price tops at $3,401 remember this day. 

  1. […] GOLD EXPLODES TO $3,401 on YAHOO! FINANCE « Your hedge […]

  2. […] GOLD EXPLODES TO $3,401 on YAHOO! FINANCE « Your hedge […]

  3. […] GOLD EXPLODES TO $3,401 on YAHOO! FINANCE « Your hedge […]

  4. […] GOLD EXPLODES TO $3401 on YAHOO! FINANCE « Your hedge […]

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