Why Do We Watch CNBC?

Posted: September 12, 2010 in Current Events, Federal Reserve, Financial Survival

Is there any wonder why people in masses are moving away from traditional media outlets like CNBC?  You cannot have an intelligent conversation with a General Electric puppet like Erin Burnett.  Anytime CNBC has someone like Michael Pento on air who attempts to speak the truth they are rudely interrupted.

There should be no doubt in anyone’s mind that our mainstream media is controlled.  Freedom of press in traditional outlets is DEAD and has been for quite sometime.  Lets enjoy the freedom we still have online, who knows when big brother will dip their filthy paws into the alternative media space.

Here is the Michael Pento interview by the GE puppet Erin Burnett

Now compare the Erin Burnett interview to the informative interview below.  Eric King allows Michael to express his concerns without the ridiculous interruptions, notice how Michael makes perfect sense.  Why do we still watch CNBC?

 Michael Pento KWN Interview Here

  1. Hoser says:

    CNBC should be on the Cartoon Channel. I’m sorry if I have offended the cartoon channel. My apologies! CNBC is nothing more than “paid lobbyists.” They should wear jump-suits with their sponsors “logo’s” on them. I’ll bet Erin looks HOT in a black jump-suit! Yummy!


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