Giving Away our Sovereignty to the UN!!!

Posted: September 22, 2010 in Current Events, Federal Reserve

Our government is giving away our sovereignty to the UN.  Under HR 3534 the Clear Act, we will give away our land, oceans, adjacent land masses and Great Lakes to the international body, while making the tax payers pay $900 Million a year until 2040.

Why isn’t this covered on Fox or CNN?  Here is the dirty secret, Freedom of Press is DEAD.  We have a controlled media.  We are in crunch time, it is imperative we start doing our homework regardless if mainstream media calls you a conspiracy theorist.  Our country is being dismantled in the open, but it’s not covered on Fox or CNN.  Start using your common sense and connect the dots, it’s all in the open.

Our two-party system is designed to distract.  Both parties are controlled by the same interest.  Don’t believe me?  Think about this, regardless of who it is Clinton, Bush or Obama real problems do not get resolved only made worse.  If you know something is not right but not sure what, check out the film below.  Please open your mind, listen to information you will never hear in our controlled mainstream media.  Then after you have done your homework make your own decision.  This film is not political, it discusses in detail how both parties are controlled.  We need to break the cycle.

Bancor The Name of Our New Global Currency in this IMF Report , is this why the Fed is openly trying to destroy our dollar.  The only way the Fed can create inflation is by destroying our currency.  This is happening before our eyes.  Wake up spread the word and protect you wealth!


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