The Dollar is Ready to PLUMMET!!

Posted: September 23, 2010 in Current Events, Federal Reserve

With our irresponsible Federal Reserve this headline should come as no surprise.  This is what the Federal Reserve is designed to do, devalue the currency.  It is not designed to stabilize the economy.  There is a reason why the US Dollar’s purchasing power is down 95% since the creation of our corrupt Federal Reserve.  Wake up people!! The Federal Reserve is nothing more than a for profit independent bank, that creates unlimited amounts of money for free, while lending it out to our government and gigantic global banks with interest.  Think about that fact.  The Federal Reserve can create any amount of money out of thin air for nothing, lend that money to our government then throw the bill on the backs of the US taxpayer.  This is a CARTEL!!  We need to wake up.  Much of our problems lead to our Federal Reserve.

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  1. […] information.  The Federal Reserve is waging war on the middle class of this country through the destruction of the dollar, while enriching their global banking buddies.  From the Economic Collapse Blog here are 30 […]

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