Posted: September 28, 2010 in Current Events, Economic Views, Financial Survival

We are officially in a currency war.  Central Banks around the world are openly devaluing their currencies purchasing power in hopes of making exports more attractive to other countries.  The Dollar is at a five month low against the Euro, while gold continues to go higher.  In this environment savers will be destroyed.  You must have much of your money in hard assets, in order to protect your purchasing power.  Below are several articles that discusses this new currency war.

It Is A Race To The Bottom For Global Currencies And The Winner Will Be Gold

Dollar Trades Near a Five-Month Low Before U.S. Housing, Consumer Reports

Bank of England tells savers: Screw you; we\’re debasing the currency

Brazil Confirms What Everyone Knows: \”A Currency War Has Broken Out\”

Ben Davies – The World Monetary Earthquake

Currency War

  1. […] around the world are openly saying they are devaluing there currencies which is bullish for gold and […]

  2. […] Silver hits a big milestone of over $30 today.  Readers of this blog are not surprised by this 30 year high.  This $30 target is met with no Hunt Brothers, just good old fashion catalysts everywhere you turn.  This new high will open the eyes of many who are not already in silver.  Keep in mind silver is a smaller market than gold.  When more money enters the silver sector it will explode.  I am going to make a price target of $50 per ounce by this time next year.  If this JP Morgan fraud explodes next year, which every indicator is saying it will explode, $50 will likely be conservative.  This is our time to shine as silver investors.   It is a shame that this massive increase will have a price, fiat currencies will be destroyed, savers are going to feel pain.  Try to pass the word onto your friends and family about silver, before supply dwindles and premiums explode.  We need to protect our loved ones from this increasingly aggressive currency war. […]

  3. […] Journal ,we could see an outright explosion.  When you add J.P. Morgan, the COMEX, a global currency war and the loss of confidence in fiat currencies, you come to the conclusion that silver’s upside […]

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