Global Currency = Third World USA

Posted: October 12, 2010 in Financial Fraud, Financial Survival

The currency war is starting to heat up.  Today 420 banks came out and demanded a global currency.  It is time for us all to wake up and realize this financial disaster was done by design, with the goal of a global currency through the IMF.  Think about what a disaster this would be if the IMF controlled the worlds money supply.  That means growth, recessions and depressions would be controlled by the IMF through increasing or decreasing the money supply.  The IMF would create their currency for free similar to the Federal Reserve while global citizens pay taxes to the IMF, the name of the currency will be Bancor, here.  If this happens we can expect third world living standards in the US as our assets are all dollar denominated assets.  Does anyone believe an independent international bank will have the interest of the American People?  America as we know it will be wiped out if this happens.  We are already seeing the middle class destroyed in this depression.  here, here, here, here

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