Buy Physical Silver Crash JP Morgan is now Mainstream!! We Are the Modern Day Hunt Brothers!!

Posted: December 3, 2010 in Current Events, Precious Metals, Silver

The Guardian had a great piece on Max Keiser’s “Buy Silver Crash JP Morgan Campaign”.  This is interesting timing, just yesterday the NY Times had a front page story Jamie Dimon-America’s Least Hated Banker.  It is crystal clear our corrupt government will do nothing to the global mega banks.  With that said the people must go on the offense.  This is a simple realistic way to put huge pressure on JP Morgan and possibly bring the bank to its knees, all the while protecting your wealth.  If JP Morgan went down that would be huge pressure on the Federal Reserve, JP Morgan helped create the Fed and is still part of the Federal Reserve.

This consolidation of power and wealth by the global mega banks is destroying classes of all people, particularly the middle class around the world.  Banks will not stop, it’s the bankers or the people.  What better strategy then attack their massive $1.5 trillion naked short position and force them to cover.

Guardian Article Here

Max Keiser’s Plan To Destroy JP Morgan Goes Mainstream, After The Guardian Posts His “Silver Squeeze” Thoughts

  1. mish says:

    I’m buying more coins this saturday.

    Don’t forget about the bank run December 7 !

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  4. Bob Dixon says:

    I use to not give much clout to this NWO (New World Order) but here lately I have changed my mind. These big banks like JPM are bad news and have been since the Federal Reserve Act was installed. I am for taking them down any way we can. Been buying silver eagles like crazy. And I will keep buying.

  5. Bob Dixon says:

    One last thought. Lets say congress runs out of our tax dollars like they always do. They trip off down to the Treasury and say we need a cool one billion dollars. The Treasury says man we ant got no money because you clowns have already spent it but not to worry lets you and I trip on over to the Fed and we will get you the coins. So off to the fed we go. We get there and the guy behind the desk takes out a check book and writes us a check for one billion. Where did the one billion come form? Out of thin air. So we take the billion and deposit it in the banks and those banks now can loan out nine times what we deposit, it’s called fractional reserve, same way JPM leverages the silver market. Now we the tax payers are on the hook for one billion plus six percent interest to the big banks that did not do squat to earn the money. How does that sound children? Now that will eventually cause big inflation and we pay again. But congress loves that because inflation is no more than a tax which they can spring on us any time they wish without most people have a clue as to what is going on.

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