Obamacare Waivers Double in just 3 Weeks!!

Posted: December 7, 2010 in Current Events, Economic Views, Ongoing Criminal Activity

This is incredible, the Obama Administration has quietly given more healthcare waivers to global corporations like Wal-Mart and unions while small businesses will be forced to pay.  Think about this, we are witnessing in plain view discrimination against small businesses.  How in the world can a small business retail store compete against Wal-Mart when Wal-Mart gets lower prices than anyone else for goods from China and they do not need to provide their employees insurance?  They can’t!!!  The small businesses will be forced to cut cost, lay off workers or go out of business while the global corporation get waivers.  This is discrimination!!  Lets take another example.  How can a small hamburger restaurant compete with McDonald’s or Burger King when the small business will be forced to buy insurance for their employees?  They can’t!!!.  Where is the ACLU or any other organization that gets their panties in a bunch over discrimination which often times turns out to be media hype?  This is in your face discrimination against small businesses and not a peep.  Small businesses are the engine of this country!  You cannot force small businesses to buy insurance but unions and global corporations get a pass.  Of course the people in power know this, our “free” country is quickly turning into fascism. 

Article Here, Here, Here

  1. […] will suffer with this new healthcare bill however companies like McDonalds and Wal-Mart get waivers.  Another example is the food bill, this horrible bill will go after small organic farms while […]

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