Gold and Silver Update!! Enjoy

Posted: December 8, 2010 in Current Events, Gold, Precious Metals, Silver

For those who understand the nature of precious metal bull markets today was just another day.   For those who are new to precious metals understand days like today are common place.  Bull markets have the tendency to shake off the weak.  Very few have the ability to ride a bull market from start to finish.  As gold and silver continue to see record highs volatility will increase.  In the future we will see gold up $100-$300 in a day or gold down $100-$300 in a day.  We will see silver up $2-$3 in a day and silver down $2-$3 in a day.  Regardless of the increased volatility the story has not changed.  We are in a multi-year bull market.  It is going to blow people’s mind when they see how high gold and silver will go over time.   

Like I have said many times the cat is out of the bag fiat currencies are finished, pullbacks will  be met with big buyers.  If the pullback continues, great you can now buy gold and silver at a discount. 

Create your monthly budget and purchase your precious metal every month.  Your focus should be on accumulation not cost average.  Overtime when this historic bull market has run its course you will be thrilled by what you have accumulated over the years.

This clip “The Silver Perspective” was made when silver was at $21.50 but still relevant.  Enjoy!

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