US Treasuries Are Hit With the Largest Sell-Off Since Lehman

Posted: December 9, 2010 in Current Events, Financial Survival, Gold

Our government is quickly loosing control over their house of cards.   US Treasuries were hit with a massive sell off sending borrowing cost for our corrupt government soaring.  Although the world is focused on Europe the US fiscal situation is much worse.  There is zero doubt we are heading into a depression.  In my opinion the easiest thing to do is accept that reality then prepare, things are quickly accelerating.  Physical gold and silver will be your life jacket in a sea of chaos. 

 Shorting US Treasuries may be another interesting long-term play.  The Federal Reserve may soon be the only buyer.

  1. […] irresponsible money creation it is becoming more likely.   If nothing else expect to see massive inflation next year and for the forseeable future for everything you need food, energy, healthcare and […]

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