How China Will Drive Silver to $250

Posted: December 10, 2010 in Current Events, Precious Metals, Silver

In the past China forbade ownership of precious metals however recently that ban has been lifted.  China recently introduced a silver bar for an investment for their citizens.  Even the state-owned China Central Television is strongly pushing the population to invest in silver.

The Chinese have a different mentality than Americans.  The Chinese are savers not spenders.  Some studies show the Chinese save as much as 40% of their income.  If only half of the population buys 1 ounce of silver that would be an estimated 500 Million ounces of physical silver off the market!!!

With the world waking up to the importance of precious metals a small percentage of the world’s population purchasing silver will drive prices much higher.

Article Here

  1. silveristhenew says:

    They know that the only way they will end up on top after the current crisis passes is if they buy Silver and Gold. We should be doing the same :

  2. yourhedge says:

    I agree, thanks for the post

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