Wall Street Sees Record Revenue in Recovery From Bailout

Posted: December 13, 2010 in Current Events, Federal Reserve, Financial Fraud, Financial Survival, Ongoing Criminal Activity

This should come as no surprise.  Gigantic global banks are seeing record revenues.  Folks the government has been hijacked by gigantic global banks and corporations.  The bailouts had nothing to do with helping mainstreet!! Once you hijack a government you write regulation to destroy your competition while consolidating the wealth of the taxpayer.  Then when you consolidated the wealth you ship that wealth offshore where the regulations you created do not affect your business.  When you have destroyed your competition, you collapse the economy so you can buy key infrastructure for pennies on the dollar.  This has always happened historically, which is why you cannot have private bank controlling your money supply and interest rates.  THE DESTRUCTION OF OUR ECONOMY WAS DONE BY DESIGN!! 

Everything we see regarding austerity is show.  If you do not prosecute the banks that stole trillions, have a serious audit of the Federal Reserve to see what the private bank stole and do something about the $1.5 Quadrillion in derivatives nothing matters.  Before an empire collapses the vultures will always rob the treasury for every penny.  Global corporations and banks hate free markets they want monopolies. 

Article Here and Here

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