Schiff on the Economy and Gold

Posted: December 22, 2010 in Current Events, Economic Views, Financial Survival, Gold, Investing

In this video blog Schiff discusses what we can expect from the economy next year.  Schiff mentions that although the income tax will not go up the cost of government will explode next year.  Government is a tumor and we the people are the host.   Overtime the tumor will grow and eventually kill the host, that is where we are today.  With the size of our government, deficits, lack of confidence in our system, potential currency crisis and the $1.5 Quadrillion in derivatives our economy is hopeless. 

It is likely we will see some strength in the dollar during the first quarter of next year because of the Euro, however over the course of 2011 the dollar will be hammered.  The good news is people who understand what is happening should do well this year, the negative is most listen to CNBC, Fox News and CNN which means most will be destroyed this year.

Schiff also discusses the “gold bubble” .  Schiff explains how gold is not a bubble.  Folks we need to compare gold to other currencies.  Gold is going much higher.


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