2011 Trend Forecast by Gerald Celente

Posted: December 30, 2010 in Current Events, Economic Views, Ongoing Criminal Activity

Gerald Celente is a world famous trend forecaster.  His publication the Trends Journal has been around for years.  Gerald’s predictions have been extremely accurate.  In fact Gerald was telling people to buy gold at $280 an ounce.  Here are trends Gerald sees for next year.  The full interview can be found at the bottom of the page.

    1.  Even the out of touch wake up and realize economic prosperity is not coming back to America anytime soon.

    2. The police state will intensify.  Here, Here

    3. The Government will run out of schemes to prop up the financial system.  We will see currency wars intensify and trade wars.

    4. Screw The People – We can already see this attitude towards the people happening.  Regulation will intensify however there will be loop holes for gigantic global companies.  Ex.  Small businesses will suffer with this new healthcare bill however companies like McDonald’s and Wal-Mart get waivers.  Another example is the food bill, this horrible bill will go after small organic farms while letting the gigantic companies get away with terror.  

When a fascist country is declining governments and gigantic corporations always clamp down on the little  guy.  Tyranny must control a country’s food supply and healthcare to be successful; with the food bill our government will have both.  Some people may not be able to see what is happening but America is in free fall, you will all wake up next year.  When our country and our currency finally collapse our country will go in one of two directions

  • Something closer to what our founding fathers had in mind
  • Hardcore tyranny

You think I am exaggerating.  Study history, they are building the hardcore electronic police state system in the open. The government is controlling our food, healthcare, water supply, financial system and damn near everything else.  The government is recruiting all types of people to “spy” on their neighbors, you must divide to conquer. this, this, this, this, this, this If we are all worried about fellow citizens we will not watch the real criminal which is our government.  Yes tyranny can happen in America

    5. Austerity continues however we will pay more for less

   6.  The crime wave will intensify, we are turning into a third world country.  When people lose everything they lose it.  We have 52% of the population dependent on the government, when most of those people can’t feed their  families with the cost of food skyrocketing get ready for hardcore violence

  7. There will be breakthroughs in alternative energy.   This could be a game changer and long-term bring back to prosperity, it will not be anything being covered in the media.

  8. The 20th century model of journalism will be obsolete.  Underground journalism like blogs will explode.  Of course this is why the government is clamping down on internet, look at the Net Neutrality Act.

 9. Cyber Wars will continue and intensify. 

10. Youth of the world will be a spark in the revolution

11. End of the world talk will intensify, 2012 will be Y2K on steroids.  I do not believe the end of the world talk  however it may feel that way as we enter the Greater Depression.

Full interview here

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