Posted: December 31, 2010 in Current Events, Financial Survival, Gold, Markets, Ongoing Criminal Activity, Precious Metals, Silver

James Turk on KWN believes we are getting close to hyperinflation.  Hyperinflation is the only way the government can pay off deficits.  Turk believes the reason why gold and silver are going up so fast is the following:

1. We are close to hyperinflation

2. All the bailouts are coming to a head

Turk believes silver will hit $50 an ounce in the first six months of 2011 and gold will hit $2,000 and ounce in the first six months.  When the savings of the middle class is destroyed they can thank the Federal Reserve and our government.  You can bet when we see hyperinflation the government will blame this event on business, unfortunately many of the sheep will believe that lie.  When your government controls the media you can tell the people anything and most will believe.

Interview Here

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