“I Am Deeply Embarrassed By This IDIOT Who’s Totally In The Service of the Bankers”

Posted: January 14, 2011 in Current Events, Federal Reserve, Ongoing Criminal Activity, World Events

Max Keiser former Obama supporter discusses how Obama is in bed with the big banks.  It seems every new administration falls deeper into the control of the Wallstreet and big banks.  Anyone with a clear conscious who is not being manipulated by the constant propaganda spewing from your TV can see this fact. 

Max Keiser on Obama

– “He’s a stone-cold liar.”

– “How does Obama get up in the morning and look at himself in the mirror and not cry in embarrassment and shame?  As an American myself, I am deeply embarrassed by this idiot who’s totally in the service of the bankers.”

Keiser’s statement is referring to the appointment of JP Morgan Vice-Chairman, William Daley, as Obama’s Chief of Staff.  Obama clearly has no shame, what he’s done for the bankers is just disgusting.  I’m not at all surprised by the appointment of a JP Morgan executive to replace Rahm Emanuel particularly as the Federal Reserve is trying to keep a lid on gold and silver. 

For all you sensitive people who take offense to this grow up!!  It is not about Obama, Bush was also a puppet.  It is about how every administration seems to be more corrupt than the previous.  Every administration stomps on the rights of Americans, collectives our wealth and transfers our wealth to global banks and corporations.  Each administration takes us closer to a global government controlled and financed by the banks.  Do your damn HOMEWORK, wake up from your trance, it is all in the open!!

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