Lindsay Williams: “I Would Not Be Shocked To See $50 Silver By February”

Posted: January 17, 2011 in Current Events, Financial Survival, Investing, Precious Metals, Silver, World Events

On the Alex Jones Show today Lindsay Williams made it crystal clear that according to his elite sources gold and silver are going to the moon.  Now that is not surprising, I also believe gold and silver will explode higher.  What was shocking is Lindsay Williams specifically said “I would not be shocked to see silver at $50 an ounce by February”.  Here is why silver may hit $50 by February according to Lindsay Williams, some of this information we have discussed it the past but now the situation is accelerating.

  1. COMEX released information saying they have 107 million available ounces of silver
  2. COMEX has contractual obligations for 720 million ounces of silver
  3. Four high level investors got word of this fact and demanded delivery of an estimated 1 million ounces each.  This explains my earlier post Massive Silver Withdrawals from the COMEX.
  4. The COMEX is now in complete panic mode!! The COMEX is now buying every ounce of physical they can, expecting more massive withdrawals!!  This explains why US Mint sales are going parabolic!!!  See my previous post US Mint Reports Unprecedented Buying Spree Of Physical Silver.
  5. Accelerating dollar devaluation.

I have followed Lindsay Williams for quite sometime.  He is not always 100% accurate, however he is pretty damn close.  In my opinion this is a compelling story as to why silver would explode higher, but $50 by February, that is parabolic.  Time will tell whether or not we will $50 by February, either way you must accumulate as much physical as possible.

Lindsay discusses gold and silver at the beginning of this clip. 



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