US Mint Reports January Silver Sales Hit 26 Year High

Posted: January 19, 2011 in Current Events, Financial Survival, Precious Metals, Silver

Wow!! Silver sales have already hit a monthly 26 year high  and it is only 1/18/11.  This record goes back to 1986 when the US Mint first started reporting monthly sales.  We also see the bulk of Scotia Mocatta’s silver bars continue to be sold out

As I continue to stress you must forget about the paper silver market and watch the physical market.  There is no doubt we are witnessing something historic.  Whether the demand is from the COMEX panicking and buying everything they can, the general public finally starting to wake up or combination of both what we are witnessing will eventually have a huge impact on silver prices.  I do not believe this is a one month fluke.  I see volumes continuing to stay at record levels until you are unable to attain physical or forced to pay huge premiums.  If you have not started buying physical silver how many signs do you need to see?  Get a clue and start buying!

Full Article Here

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