Bulls and Bears Battle!! Who Will Win?

Posted: January 21, 2011 in Current Events, Financial Fraud, Gold, Precious Metals, Silver

The bulls and bears are playing tug of war in gold and silver, it is interesting to watch.  The bears are making a move here and winning this round.  What the bears have on their side is a fraudulent paper silver and gold system, where organizations like the CFTC bow down to manipulators like JP Morgan and HSBC.  What the bulls have on their side is knowledge and knowledge is power.  We bulls understand with complete confidence that nothing has changed.  The fraudulent global fiat financial system has not changed.  Demand for physical gold and silver has not disappeared.  Loss of confidence in fiat money globally has not vanished.  Uncertainty everywhere you look has not magically gone away.  These battles are all part of a long-term bull market and what will be the greatest bull market of our lifetime.

There are two key resistant levels which are $1,400 for gold and $30 for silver.  The next time we test those levels it’s difficult to say whether we take out those levels or trade sideways.  Corrections like these are why very few people can ride a bull market from start to finish. 

 If you believe our global financial disaster caused by a fraudulent fiat system backed by nothing, and our derivative nuclear bomb equaling $1.5 quadrillion have magically gone away then go ahead and sell your metal.  However, if you believe nothing has changed, the currency war will continue and central banks will print fiat money until the whole damn system implodes, then use pullbacks as an opportunity to buy.  Our readers no where we stand.

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