Our Short Attention Span

Posted: January 29, 2011 in Current Events, Financial Survival, Gold, Precious Metals, Silver, World Events

It is amazing the short attention span people have in this country.  People forget a great story after minor set backs.  For example look at gold and silver.  With the recent pullbacks many people have said thought the run is over or your better buying stocks, etc.  Give me a break!!!  Looking around this world there are multiple catalysts for gold, silver, oil, food etc.  If  you can’t see the obvious catalysts maybe you are on the wrong blog, you probably belong on www.cnbc.com.  Who cares if gold pullsback a little, it is completely irrelevant.  The only thing pullbacks mean is gold and silver are now on sale before they explode higher. 

How about we compare a couple of charts.  You tell me if the recent pullback in gold means a damn thing after looking at the chart below.

 If you think the gold chart above is a chart showing a bubble, again you can drink the koolaid on CNBC.com.  Now let’s look at the US Dollar chart.

 You could compare the 10 year gold chart to any fiat currency in the world and it would look similar.  You need to start thinking of gold and silver as real money.  It’s hard to understand why people do not get this, gold and silver have been money for 5,000 years, this global fiat currency backed by nothing is only a 40 year experiment.  When the dictator presidents flee their countries they are taking the gold not paper currencies!!!   Why are they only taking their country’s gold?

My calls stay the same we will see the following this year.

$1,800 gold, this is conservative $2,000 would not be shocking

$50 silver

$150 oil

Food prices to the moon..

Wake up people your currency is rapidly falling, learn how to see through the propaganda we are bombarded with everyday.  If you do not take action soon you will be very sorry.  World events are accelerating.


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