Could This Be The Silver Short Squeeze We Have Been Waiting For?

Posted: February 18, 2011 in Financial Fraud, Financial Survival, Precious Metals, Silver

Good Morning Readers!!  Yesterday may have been the game changing day we have been waiting for, solidifying the silver short squeeze.  The people are kicking the ass of these scumbag bankers in this silver battle.  Physical silver is the achilles tendon of JP Morgan, and believe me they are feeling pain. 

Time will tell how it plays out, however if I were a guessing man, I would say the implosion of the COMEX is a real possibility.  In a previous post Lindsey Williams said he would not be shocked to see $50 silver by February.  Williams may have been off a month or two.  I would not be shocked to see $50 in March or April, if the COMEX implode.  This is huge!! KEEP BUYING PHYSICAL SILVER FOLKS WE ARE WINNING!!!

Full Article Here

  1. k says:

    Where did your updates go???

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