COMEX Third Margin Hike In One Week!!

Posted: May 3, 2011 in Ongoing Criminal Activity, Precious Metals, Silver

It is clear the COMEX is in desperation mode.  In the past five days the CME has increased margins on silver three times for about a 35% increase.  With this incredible move, it shows the COMEX is walking a fine line before the inevitable collapse.  We can expect every trick up the cartels sleeve to be thrown at silver.  The COMEX must curve demand of physical buying, however they cannot, we know fiat money backed by nothing is trash.  Who cares if they knock the price down? In fact please knock the price down so we can buy more.  If the price gets knocked down to $40 – $42 buy physical with both hands.  Aside from that continue your monthly accumulation plan as scheduled.

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