Ron Paul Advert: “War Propaganda”

Posted: January 13, 2012 in Current Events, History, World Events

The war propaganda drums are beating loud once again.  This new Ron Paul campaign ad looks at the lies that have led us to war and now leading us to potentially World War III.  This next war will not just be a regional war, there will likely be blow back in the US.

This clip below shows reality of war.  For every one target killed by an US drone fifteen others are killed.  This video below is the horrible reality of war, this clip is educational but very graphic.  Remember these wars are all about “keeping us safe”.  Somehow these wars help our National Security, at least that is what we are programmed to believe.

Please note this is not for children and you will be disgusted.  I am only posting this graphic clip as a reality check.  The interests that have hi jacked our country are doing these awful acts in America’s name.  Hopefully we wake up soon, if you remember Eisenhower warned us about the dangers of the military complex.

Eisenhower Warning

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