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This clip discusses key differences between the gold boom of 1980 and today.  What we are seeing today is nothing like 1980.   As I have said many time the real bubble is US Dollars and US Treasuries.  What we are seeing is the Federal Reserve desperately trying to hold onto their global reserve status and going to war with anyone who will not accept dollars. 

When you look under the war propaganda surface you will see most countries we attack either stopped excepting dollars, in the process of not accepting dollars or they were in the process of trying to create a sound currency backed by gold. 

Iran for example has is not excepting dollars for oil, while excepting gold bullion or other currencies.   This act alone makes war with Iran imminent. 

The head of the snake is the Federal Reserve who is desperately trying to hold on to their power.


This should be required viewing for all Americans. Freedom to Fascism is incredibly powerful, if all Americans knew and understood this information we would not be in this mess.  Watch this for your own knowledge.  Knowledge is power. 

If you have never watched this interview please take time to watch.  Aaron Russo discusses the Federal Reserve, insider information from the Rockefeller Family, the war on terror, the elites game plan for society, 9/11 and much more.  Once you start watching this interview you will be hooked.  This is a very powerful interview that you don’t want to miss. 

It’s time to break through the propaganda we hear daily and open your eyes to reality.

We are at a point where all the Federal Reserve can do is print or expect a complete economic collapse in the banking system and economy.  The banking collapse would include all the banks who are shareholders of the Federal Reserve ie.  JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, Bank of England, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, etc.

Ask yourself do they want a full economic collapse with a depression or create money and potentially send us into hyper inflation?  Make no mistake about it, those are the choices.

At the minimum we could see Economic Marshal Law, which includes a bank holiday.  Massive dollar devaluation will follow the bank holiday.  Oh yeah, you will not have access to your money during this period.  This is one more reason why you need physical metal and cash out of the banking system.  If this collapse happens anything paper which includes stocks, mutual funds, pension funds, savings account could be wiped out.

Peter Schiff explains why he believes the recent actions of the Federal Reserve will have a major impact on Gold and Silver.